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Q: Hey there! I got a second nostril piercing a little over a month ago, and it’s developed a small bump around the post. I’ve been doing regular sea salt soaks but it hasn’t seemed to help it a whole lot. This never really happened with my other nostril piercing and I just don’t want any scarring or anything. Is there anything I else I should be doing?

The small bumps that sometimes form on nostril piercings can be caused by numerous things. 

- The piercing is done at an incorrect angle. You can usually spot this easily by looking at the end of the jewelry. If it is not sitting perfectly flush and flat against your nostril, then the angle of the piercing itself is causing pressure from the jewelry.

- Aftercare. Clients doing too little or too much cleaning, or using products that are too strong or harsh.

- Makeup on or around the piercing

- Excessive touching

If the bump is being caused by some sort of mechanical irritation, such as sleeping on it, hot compresses can help a lot.

I would suggest consulting with a reputable piercer to ensure the jewelry is fitted properly and done at the correct angle. Once that is determined, he/she can help troubleshoot possible reasons you have a bump and what can be done to alleviate it.

Cody Vaughn - Outreach Committee

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