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Safe Piercing inbox: surface anchor questions

  • Q: I’ve been considering getting a hip piercing but I still don’t fully understand the concept of a microdermal piercing. Please explain. And if it’s not too much trouble, can you also explain if getting a hip piercing removed is a complicated/painful process?

Microdermal piercings (surface anchors) are essentially a small post inserted into a single point piercing, different end pieces can be threading onto the post. Unlike most piercings there is only a single point. So no in-and-out action of the needle or jewelry. It’s essentially a little pocket made with the use of a standard piercing needle, or O-style needle. Here is a video of some lower back surface anchors being installed. 

Having them removed is typically just as easy as having them installed. If the piercer is experienced they should be able to gently remove it in just a few seconds. The skin should NEVER require cutting to remove a surface anchor. If a piercer says they need a scalpel or any cutting tool to remove a surface anchor you may want to get a second opinion. 

  • Q: What is the difference between microdermals and surface anchors? I am indeed looking for a less of a dimpling effect as I already have a dimple on one side of my cheek and have always wanted cheek piercings. Do you by chance have any pictures of someone who had surface anchors for cheek piercings but retired them? I’m curious how they look once healed.

Microdermals (surface anchors) are a single point piercing. Meaning one side to the hole, they’re more of a pocket. Surface piercings are two point piercings, like most other body piercings they have an entrance and an exist. 

So with anchors you can do one by itself or any number of individual anchors in an area. Surface bars are two visible ends connected under the surface. 

I don’t have any pictures of removed anchors on cheeks to show you. Anchors typically leave a small flat scar when removed, there usually isn’t any significantly visible scar unless they rejected or were removed poorly. With cheek microdermals specifically I have removed a few of the ones I’ve installed and they have left no noticeable scars or dimples long term. Hope this helps to answer your questions. 

Ryan Ouellette, APP outreach

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