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In the opinion of a professional piercer, if a client came in asking for multiple piercings and told you they have a very big chance of passing out, as in they pass out with almost anything i.e slamming a finger on accident, what would be your response? Would you still go ahead and pierce them with proper precautions just in case they do or is that something that would be too much of a risk, like for legal and safety reasons?

I get lots of clients saying something similar “I’m going to pass out” or “I’m really scared of needles and blood”. As professional piercers we’re not just here to stick a needle in you and send you on your way. We’re here to give you a safe piercing and a pleasant experience. Good bedside manner is part of being a professional. Your piercer should talk with you and lessen your concerns before the piercing is performed. When clients come in scared I like to chat with them, get them laughing if possible. Sure, a piercing can hurt a little, but if you’re relaxed you’re going to have a pretty easy time with it. I have clients lay down for most piercings. That can help on a physiological level by keeping their blood pressure balanced and making them less likely to get light headed during or after a piercing. Having a good meal beforehand or eating something sugary just before the piercing will help with dizziness as well. 

Depending on what type of piercings you want, or exactly how many you could plan on multiple sessions or at least take some breaks between each one. I have clients travel to get work by me pretty often so it’s not unusual to perform 3, 4, 5+ piercings in one sitting. As long as the piercer has the client’s safety and happiness in mind it’s going to be a pretty easy process, even for someone prone to tension or passing out.

Ryan Ouellette, APP outreach

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