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Safe Piercing inbox: Nipple questions

  • Q: Hi can you tell me some information about Nipple Piercing? like the pain, the care, and how easily it can get infected? or any other information i should know about it? 

Most piercings, when done well, are pretty easy. Expect a bit of a pinch but if you choose a skilled piercer it should be quick and easy. Infections are rare when you take care of your piercing. Your piercer will give you aftercare instructions but in the meantime you can check out the APP’s body aftercare brochure here. As for other information you can check out a few of the APP’s other informational brochures here, they cover quite a few topics you might find helpful when preparing to get a new piercing. 

  • Q: got my nipples pierce over a year ago and while my right nipple is fully healed my left nipple isn’t. I keep getting this bump that will come and go. I continually to clean it daily but I want to know how can I get rid of it?

Persistent bumps are usually caused by some sort of irritation. Eliminate the irritation and the bump will lessen and possibly go away. my first suggestion is always jewelry with long term problems. If you’re wearing the jewelry you were pierced with try a new piece and see if there is improvement. Stick with high quality jewelry, titanium is a good option for irritated piercing, and internally threaded jewelry is also a suggestion. Other than that avoid using chemicals on the site, things like soaps, tea tree oil, and other chemicals can keep problems going rather than helping. 

  • Q: I went to a local shop to get my nipples pierced. I’m a female,never been pregnant. The 1st piercing went well, but when he went to pierce my right nip I noticed something weird. Clearish white liquid came out with the needle. Any idea what this was?

I wouldn’t worry if it was during the initial piercing itself. Nipple tissue is filled with many tiny pores and ducts that can fill with liquid. A small amount of discharge from the pressure applied during a piercing is nothing to be alarmed over. Without seeing it happen it’s tough to say what it could have been. My guess would be sebum, which is a kind of lubricating oil in the skin. I’ve had a similar discharge happen with a few nipple piercings over the years. 

Ryan Ouellette, APP outreach

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