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Safe Piercing inbox: Stretching questions

I was using the taping method to stretch, one layer every other day, but the edges of the hole became sore and slightly irritated (no cuts or anything) so I removed 3-4 layers of tape, but now my plug keeps falling out. Helpful advice?

  • Well, if you were using the tape to stretch and now your lobes are loose enough that the jewelry falls out you’re probably just ready for the next size up. Tape is a very uneven method of stretching, you can get inconsistent results. If you had irritation with one wrap every other day you were most likely going too fast. 

I had my ears stretched to 9/16 and one seemed really thin because of a micro tear. I have downsized for a few months to 7/16th and have been massaging daily with jojoba oil. I am worried about the spot where the tear was because it still seems thin as I have started sizing up again. Do you have any advice for me?

  • Sometimes you just need to slow down or stop for awhile. More pressure will not help the problem. Unfortunately once enough damage is done to cause thinning massages may not help. When you do start up again consider a consultation with a reputable piercer to get an opinion on the best course of action for your stretch. 

I recently stretched my lobes from 0g to 00g; one has an infection and I’m not quite sure how it happened. The other is fine. Would I treat the infected one with salt soaks and emu oil rubs or do you recommend something different?

  • If you have redness, swelling, or discharge immediately after a stretch there is a strong chance that it’s from a tear. Sea salt soaks would be a good idea, but oils on this sort of irritation would not be my suggestion. Oils are for things like scarring, bumps, or dryness. If you put oil on something swollen and moist you can actually increase irritation. Sea salt soaks or compresses can help draw out excess fluid and soothe the piercing.

Here are some APP brochures that may help
Body aftercare guidlines

Ryan Ouellette, APP outreach

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