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model2874-9 asked: I just found this jewelry called septum clickers. It looks like you don't need tools to put them on and off. I would love to get a few but was wondering if you knew anything good or bad about them.

There are a ton of awesome clicker style septum pieces available. Body Vision Los Angeles does some amazing work with gold, you can get their jewelry through many APP member studios. Industrial Strength also makes a great titanium septum clicker. 

Industrial Strength’s septum clickers are great, and yes they’re very easy  to insert/remove by hand. The only problem’s I’ve heard is in the top to bottom distance, they sit comfortably for people with average, or lower than average placed septums. If your septum is pierced high you might not be able to wear one comfortably. The useable diameter is about 1/4”-5/16”. Other than that they’re fantastic, I have 3 myself. 

Ryan Ouellette, APP outreach

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