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Anonymous asked: Hello, I read in an earlier post that you said nipple piercings take 2-3 months to heal. I've had mine nearly 2 years and I'm still having problems, which my piercer said was normal. I have flat nipples, so I need a longer bar for when my nipples are not erect, and when they are theres maybe a cm on each side of the bar. I often get these bubbles of whiteish/yellowish liquid building up right next to the exit holes. If I apply pressure, the liquid will drain through the hole. Is this normal?

Your piercings should not be giving you these sort of issues with how long you’ve had them.

It sounds as though they’re either pierced incorrectly, or the jewelry is not sized properly.

Please seek out a reputable piercer for a second opinion.

Cody Vaughn - Outreach Committee

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