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The official response to iDermal.

The APP response:
It has come to the attention of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) that a video has been widely circulated that depicts the installation of four surface anchors and immediate magnetic attachment of an electronic device to those fresh piercings.

The members of the organization have several concerns about this:
While the APP recognizes surface anchors (the preferred terminology for this form of body art) as a “regular piercing,” the procedures in the video were performed with an instrument called a “dermal punch” or “biopsy punch.” This is a medical tool that is expressly forbidden to be used by body artists in the state where the piercer was located (New Jersey).
Surface anchor procedures should be performed with the standard tool that piercers use for all piercings (an ordinary piercing needle). The video sets a bad example for others, and potentially opens the piercer to legal problems.

Though the procedures were self-done by the piercer on his own body, it is rumored that he is also offering the same service to the paying public. The Association would like to make it clear that attaching any object or device to fresh piercings is not an appropriate or acceptable procedure. There are added risks of complications from attaching anything to a fresh piercing including irritation, trauma, infection, migration, and rejection.

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